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[nba2k mobile apk]NBA 2K20: Three differences between 2K20 and NBA 2K Mobile

Tag:   2021-07-16 19:47:21

  If you’re someone who enjoys modes like MyGM, MyLEAGUE, or any franchise mode in sports games, then NBA 2K20 does have a mode like this. It’s called “The Association” for you to enjoy and in this mode, you can set how many games you want to play in a season and how many minutes among other settings to start.

  You will also have the ability to draft players and build your roster into a contender. You make all of the decisions both on and off the court essentially. As for NBA 2K Mobile, there isn’t a franchise mode per se, but the entirety of the game feels that way, with you building your team via card packs.

  With that said, it’s not the full-blown franchise experience, but it’s a fun way to manage a team. And if you’re a fan of MyTEAM like we asked before, then you could see the parallels between that mode and a franchise mode.

  I also wanted to briefly touch on online play. NBA 2K20 offers the Run The Streets mode which we referenced earlier. You start off playing offline games but you can take your team and play against others online in street basketball games.

  NBA 2K Mobile has a Head-To-Head mode where you can pit your MyTEAM against another. Also, there is the aforementioned Crews mode where you can team up with friends or fellow players to form a three-player team. From there, you play 3-on-3 games on the blacktop versus others online.