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[Resident Evil Zero]What Is The Best Version Of Every Resident Evil?

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  What Is The Best Version Of Every Resident Evil?

  By Ben Jessey

  Published Jun 12, 2021


  From originals to remakes to console variations, the Resident Evil games come in many packages. We’ve decided on the best version of each.

  Resident Evil Featured Image Including Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Chris Redfield

  Getting your hands on a major Capcom game is not usually difficult. The company tends to release its main franchises on every platform available when they first come out. And after some time goes by, they’re not afraid of rereleasing, remastering, or remaking their most popular titles.


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  Take the Resident Evil series, for instance; there have been multiple different versions of each significant installment. Nobody is complaining either, as it makes it so easy to go back at any time and enjoy the series once again. But not every version of each game is exactly the same, which begs the question, which are the best?

  Jill resident evil remake

  Capcom has released the original Resident Evil many times now in different forms. The 2002 GameCube version is arguably the most notable one, as it was a full remake. From dialog to some gameplay elements, the remake on the Nintendo console made several changes to the original.


  However, many years later, Capcom remastered the GameCube title to bring it to modern-day consoles. The developers didn’t change much about the overall experience, except for making the whole thing a lot prettier. But, the face-lift is enough to make the HD Remaster the best version of the classic horror game.

  Resident Evil 2 Remake - Leon points the gun to a zombie

  The year 2019’s Resident Evil 2 will go down as one of the best remakes ever. Capcom took the 1998 game and rebuilt it from the ground up. Things like characters, locations, and story elements are the same. But from a gameplay perspective, it is an entirely new adventure.


  A modernized aiming system, a third-person camera view, and Mr. X’s ability to follow you around freely are just some of the fresh additions. Plus, the game makes all those changes while still remaining terrifying. In fact, because of the Tyrant’s stalking ways, the 2019 title is arguably scarier than the original.

  Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Screenshot Of A Live Selection

  Sometimes modernizing a game doesn’t actually make it better. 2020’s Resident Evil 3 is certainly a more polished title than the original game, yet it removed too much. Capcom decided to cut certain puzzles and locations from the adventure, which made the experience briefer than the original — and the 1999 title was already among the shortest in the series.


  Although, perhaps the biggest thing the original version has over the new one is the inclusion of choice. In 1999’s RE3, you are prompted to make decisions during specific moments of the game that alter how everything plays out. These choices are a nice way to give players some control over their own playthrough, so it’s unfortunate that the 2020 version doesn’t have them.

  Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD Screenshot Of Claire Redfield Running Down Hallway

  There hasn’t yet been a major remake for the underrated Code Veronica — although a lot of fans are waiting for one. Therefore, each version of the game is pretty similar.?The X alternative does change up the story a bit from the original and make some graphical changes, but it’s still virtually the same experience.


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  Almost by default, the HD release is the best Code Veronica title because of its improved visuals. Yet, Capcom could’ve done with making the version a little less dark.

  Capcom Resident Evil Zero Rebecca Chambers

  Originally a GameCube title, it took many years for Resident Evil Zero to come to PlayStation and Xbox. But when it did land on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, it was in its best shape.

  The 2016 HD remaster not only made improvements to the visuals but to the movement as well, because tank-controls are no longer mandatory. Plus, Capcom added a unique Wesker mode that allows you to play as the villain and use his special abilities.


  Resident Evil 4 Screenshot Of Wii Version With Ada Wong Shooting Infected

  Over the years, Capcom has released many different versions of Resident Evil 4. In fact, virtually every time a new console comes out, RE4 gets rereleased on it. Most variants of the game aren’t too different as they are simply graphical upgrades.

  However, the Nintendo Wii title is actually distinct as it incorporates motion controls. Generally, this sort of functionality can be hit or miss, but the motion controls are pretty smooth in RE4, and they make gunplay more fun. The better visuals in some other versions can’t compete with the Wii’s unique gameplay.


  Resident Evil 5 Screenshot Of Sheva and Chris On Rooftop

  For a while, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition was the ultimate version of the game. After all, the special edition comes with all of the game’s downloadable content, which includes additional missions, a versus mode, and new costumes.

  However, the rereleases on the eighth generation now offer the best Resident Evil 5 experience. Like the Gold Edition, they include the DLCs, with the added bonus of looking a little nicer and playing a little smoother.

  Resident Evil Revelations Screenshot Of Jill Valentine Aiming Gun

  Originally, Resident Evil Revelations was a handheld game on the 3DS. In 2013, though, Capcom upgraded the title’s visuals and reworked its shooting mechanics before porting it to the seventh generation of consoles.


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  Yet, the absolute best version of the game came several years later when it was released on the Nintendo Switch. On the Switch, the title runs excellently and looks brilliant. Moreover, the Nintendo console includes several functions that the PS4 and Xbox do not, such as motion control and amiibo support.

  Resident Evil 6 Screenshot Of Ada Wong In Cover

  Resident Evil 6’s many playable characters, over-the-top action, and b-movie storytelling are present on every platform. The Xbox One and PS4 provide the best version of the controversial game, though.


  All of the game’s downloadable content is available on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. What’s more, they boast the best visuals and performance of any other RE6 port. You may expect the title on the Switch to look and play as well as any other, but that version has a few technical issues.

  Resident Evil Revelations 2 Screenshot Of Moira Burton and Claire Redfield

  Back in 2015, Capcom made the odd decision to release Revelations 2 in weekly episodes. These days, though, it can be bought as one complete pack on most major platforms. It plays best on either the Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

  Each of these versions is almost identical to one another, and they all manage to avoid the frame-rate issues that the Switch version includes, assuming you have a good PC. There’s not much wrong with the game on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but it’s not quite as pretty as it is on the more powerful machines.


  Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition Screenshot Of Chris Redfield

  The Gold Edition of Resident Evil 7 contains all of the various downloadable content Capcom has released for the first-person title. This means additional missions like Banned Footage and the End Of Zoe are included in the package. And, Resident Evil 7 is at its best on the PlayStation 4 because of the VR capability.

  You can play the entire game in virtual reality if you so please, something the Xbox One and PC versions don’t offer. Of course, VR is not for everyone as it can take some time to get used to, but it’s nice to have the option.

  Resident Evil Village Screenshot Of Ethan Winters Reloading

  As Village is a recent entry into the series, there haven’t been any remakes or rereleases yet. Although, the game did come out on several different platforms. Naturally, the best ones to play it on are the Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, and a powerful PC.

  There’s not much difference in quality when the game is running on one of the three high-powered machines. Naturally, on a previous generation console, the title doesn’t quite look as good, but the game is still fantastic on all systems.

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