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[New Pokemon Snap]New Pokémon Snap: 10 Behaviors That Are Super Hard To Find

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  There’s a lot to love about New Pokémon Snap, including how challenging some of the photos can be. Here are ten of the most difficult shots to get.

  By Madeline Carpou

  Published 9 hours ago


  New Snap Rare Behaviors Featured Image

  It’s apparent that?New Pokémon Snap was made with a lot of love, and with a lot of respect for its predecessor. As such, it’s filled with things to do and Pokémon to see, extending its replayability value far beyond?most?Pokémon?games.

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  One thing players can do in this regard is?look out for rare behaviors that certain Pokémon exhibit when put in specific situations. This mechanic of the game is incredibly fun and satisfying to fulfill, and it’s also super cute to see just what kinds of antics the Pokémon can get up to. Here are ten of the most difficult behaviors to find, and how to find them.


  New Snap Charmander Summon

  When venturing into the belly of the Fireflow Volcano, players might find a group of Charmanders at the bottom of a crevice. If they’re hit with Illumina Orbs, they’ll gather around a cracked surface billowing with lava and start growling, seemingly with intent.

  Players must go the extra step to dislodge a Graveler at the top of the crevice, and once it falls onto the cracked surface, the area will explode with lava – revealing a Charizard has been sleeping beneath, and the Charmanders have been trying to wake him up! It’s a pretty cool scene that feels like?it belongs on a cool Generation 1 tattoo.

  New Snap Charizard VS Typhlosion

  The Charizard saga continues after this, wherein the dragon will fly to the end of the route and find itself confronted by two Typhlosions who are staking the area out. The Typhlosions are aggressive in general, but upon seeing Charizard, they grow even more so.

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  To ensure everyone gets along, the player can distract the bullies with some fluffruit so Charizard can finally rest. But if they really want to stoke these fires, the player can hit Charizard with an Illumina Orb and watch chaos ensue.


  Wallace's Milotic Pokemon

  Once the player reaches Level 2 of the Illumina Spot in Elsewhere Forest, they might notice other ‘mons relaxing on the islands in Milotic’s lake. If they attract the Pokémon with some Fluffruit, they’ll migrate to the edge of their islands, and Milotic will approach them for a kiss. It’s really a fascinating scene worth getting a shot of, if only to gawk at their size differences.

  These moments can be tricky to pull off, considering Milotic’s swimming patterns. The easiest Pokémon to lure is Ninetails, however, so if players want to see one of these sweet moments, they should look for the iconic nine-tailed fox.

  New Snap Swampert And Leafeon Playing

  At night in the Founja Jungle, players might notice Swampert simply sitting idle in a pool of water, unperturbed by even the most persistent assault of fluffruit. To get Swampert to react, they’ll have to go through a series of steps – but the payoff is quite adorable and worth it!

  Shortly before reaching the pool, a Leafeon will appear and sit down in the player’s path. The player has to hit Leafeon with a fruit, then when she’s near the pool, trigger an Ariardos into descending above her, wherein she’ll jump in the pool. Only then will Swampert emerge – and, delightfully, he’ll start splashing her and they’ll play together!


  New Snap Mama Flygon Feeding Trapinch

  While in the Sweltering Sands, players might notice a tornado near the start of the route that’s enclosed by three Illumina Flowers. In order to trigger the Mama Flygon sequence, they’ll need to do two things quickly: throw a pile of fluffruits in the middle of the circle, then illuminate each flower so Flygon terminates the tornado.

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  Two Skorupis will emerge and try to grab the fluffruits, but Flygon will swoop down, take them for herself, and then fly across the map. Players will later see her descend upon her babies, two Trapinch with their mouths wide open, ready for some fruit snacks. It’s a pretty cute scene that’s worth all the trouble!

  Salandit from Pokemon Sun and Moon

  In the?Ruins of Remembrance, once the player descends into the initial tunnel, they might see a Noivern flying about. If they either ignore the Noivern or draw it away from the entrance of a side tunnel, they might see a?Salandit sitting and watching, nearly camouflaged in the tunnel’s darkness.

  If the player lures it closer with a fruit, the Salandit will approach, check to see if the coast is clear, then call for its family to come and join it! A whole group of little lizards will come to feast, and once they are done, they’ll dance and cheer to celebrate.


  New Snap Kecleons Running

  Players will notice Kecleons scattered throughout Belusylva Forest, hanging on branches and trying to blend in. But near the beginning of the route, starting at Level 2, they must keep their eyes open and look to the left of the path to reveal an entire trio just standing and watching them.

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  A?rare and funny scene will ensue if the player can manage to illuminate all three of them at once, wherein the Kecleons will panic,?look at one another, and book it! This is an excellent 4-star photo op, although if players are feeling a little more generous, they can soothe the shy trio with a Melody and watch them relax and smile.

  New Snap Happy Sylveon

  Many players may have already figured out that if they wake up both Pinsir and Heracross in Florio Park at night, they’ll ensue in a friendly (?) sparring match just past the Bidoof dam. But players can make the scene even more interesting if they also wake up Sylveon, just a little before the fight begins.

  Sylveon will?calmly approach the two with a big smile, and with a few happy chirps, the two bugs will smile back and nod along. It’s an insanely cute moment that was honestly quite?generous of Sylveon, considering the poor thing was woken up!


  New Snap Blastoise And Squirtle

  Poor Squirtle has a lot to deal with in the Maricopia Reefs. Initially, it risks being chased by a Sharpedo, but later, it has the player to contend with: while innocently blowing bubbles, the player can knock a Squirtle off a cliff with a fluffruit, and then a Wingull will push it down into a whirlpool.

  But fret not! If the player throws an Illumina Orb into the whirlpool, they’ll summon the Blastoise sleeping at the bottom of it, who will then jump up, pick up its kid, and take it for a ride. It’s a hard shot to get (PC @fayedunaway), but definitely worth it to see Squirtle so happy (and for the player to redeem themselves).

  Minior Core Form from Pokemon Sun and Moon

  This is, by far, one of the most difficult behaviors to catch in the game, as it requires a lot of intricate steps throughout the entirity of the nighttime Sweltering Sands route. However, it’s also incredibly worth it, as the result is a beautiful shot that really highlights how amazing the graphics are in this game.

  In order to get the Minior Rainbow, players must be on the lookout for each Minior in the route and free them from the spots where they’ve fallen. If they’re successful, the Miniors will line up for them at the end of the route where all the Onix are sleeping, in a display of color and jubilance.

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