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[DARK Chocolate Almonds]Costco recalls five product network red chocolate, yogurt products, health products in columns

Tag:   2021-06-25 16:00:32

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  Consumers who often go to Costco shopping,Please check the refrigerator and kitchen storage room,If your kitchen has retained the following products,Please stop using and return Costco immediately.Get a full refund of receipts,Then clean the kitchen,Avoid dissemination of foodborne diseases.


  Clio Snacks Greek Yogurt Items

  According to the recall notice,The reason why these frozen foods recently recalled may contain small metal.Related products include Mixed Berry & Peach Less Sugar (16 PACK), Vanilla & Strawberry Minis (24 pack), Vanilla & Strawberry (16 PACK),These products are starting from February this year.There is currently no reports related to this product.


  Organic blueberry dark chocolate (Organic Dark Chocolate Blueberries)

  I believe that many people have bought Costco’s net red chocolate.last month,Costco released on the official website called: “Torn Ranch will recall 18 ounces of bags with organic blueberry chocolate,Product batch number is 1271,The shelf life of these products is July 5, 2022.Because of it may contain almonds and unrecognized trees.If a person who is allergic to the tree is not careful,There may be allergic reactions that are endangered.

  This product is sold to Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Arkansa,There is currently no report on allergic reactions due to the product of the product.But if you have,You need to stop eating immediately.


  Tin Star Foods Ghee

  Thanks to the membership system,Costco can see which customers have purchased the recalled products.Costco recalls 22 purchased from March 19th to May 27th this year.5 ounces of tin stars food butter,Tin Styard discovered quality problems,The shelf life of the product has been shortened.Customers who purchase butter can contact Ti Xing Food Company 800-798-1334,Or send an email to CustomerService @ TinStarfoods.COM.


  Organic Black Beans

  In the past two months,Beans sold in Costco and other retail stores have been recalled twice,The first recall is in late April,The second recall is in mid-May.The reason for the recall is that can seal packaging has found leakage phenomena.Resulting in harmful bacteria growth.

  This recall involves 16 batch numbers and 3 beans,Including S & W Organic Black Beans,O card organic black beans and organic chili peppets.These beans products began in August 2020 in California, Washington State, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Costco store in Hawaii, Texas, Georgia and Idaho store sales.

  Variable black beans may have a botulinum clostridium,Its infection symptoms may include vision, speech barriers, muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing.Severe causes respiratory muscles,even death.


  Vitamin Fiber Well and Sleepwwele Gummies

  VitaFusion’s mother recalled several products sold in retail stores such as Costco,The reason is that there is a customer who discovers metal mesh in the bottle.In some serious circumstances,Ingestion of metal materials may cause digestive damage.

  220 bottles of Fiber Well and 250 bottles of Fiber Well and 250 bottles from January 2020, 2021.If you have these soft candies at your home,Please don’t eat,Contact Costco application full refund immediately.


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