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[games that gives real money]How to Change Skins in Chivalry 2

Tag:   2021-10-12 03:51:18

  Chivalry 2 gives the players a wide variety of customization options to alter and make visual changes to their characters and weapons. We will be showing you how to change Skins in Chivalry 2 and apply these customization features in this guide.

  After you have played through the tutorial of the game, you can now access the main menu of the game. In the main menu, look for the Armoury tab and open it.

  Once in the Armoury tab, open the Customization menu. From here, you can choose the class for which you want to make the changes. There are a total of three factions and each faction has four classes. That makes a total of 12 characters that you can customize.

  You are given the following customization options:

  Head – Alter the appearance of your face

  Helmet – There are five helmets, from which you can pick different sub choices

  Armour Set – Two kinds of armor sets with further sub choices

  Heraldry – Changes the design of clothes your character is wearing

  Weapons – Customize your primary and secondary weapons

  There are two currencies in Chivalry 2 that allow you to buy customization items from the shop. These are Gold coins and Crowns in Chivalry 2.

  You get Gold coins for playing and completing games. You can use the Gold coins you earned to buy skins for weapons and characters. You need to complete matches and spend time in the game to earn Gold coins.

  On the other hand, Crowns are bought with real-life money that can also be used to buy items from the shop. If you don’t want to grind for Gold coins, you can pay with real money to buy customization items.

  Using both types of currencies, you can unlock different features for your characters in the categories mentioned above.