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[quest 2]Oculus Quest 2: Facebook’s $299 VR Headset Feels Too Good to Be True

Tag:   2021-07-08 15:53:49

  For a considerable while, VR technology seemed fantastic and innovative, but it was out of reach for loads of gamers. The cost of the initial devices hitting the market was an entry barrier for many. Thankfully, we have finally reached the time when this exciting technology is becoming accessible to more people, and the quality leaves nothing to be desired. Cut to Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2. For a mere $299 you can now experience VR in all of its glory. Facebook’s device is quite a feat in terms of hardware, especially at this price. If anyone knows whether it’s worth its salt, it is the gamers – the Oculus Quest 2 is the most popular device on the renowned gaming platform Steam. That says a lot. While we love our classic games such as UK slots, Overwatch, and Mario Kart, we will most definitely be adding some VR choices to the next game night, thanks to Facebook’s awesome new headset. Let us take you through what the hype around the Oculus Quest 2 is all about.

  The original Oculus Quest was a wonderful device in its own right. The fact that one did not need to use cables with it was a mighty benefit to the immersive qualities of the VR experience. However, the Oculus Quest 2 has vast improvements over its predecessor in all possible regards. It has a better screen, more processing power, and it is a lighter device overall. The standalone headset boasts a resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye, at a refresh rate of 90 Hz. On top of that, it is a whopping $100 cheaper than its predecessor. At $299, the Oculus Rift smokes the competitors in terms of affordability. Other notable VR devices cost around double that price.

  In terms of hardware, the most significant new Oculus Quest 2 feature is the implementation of the?Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2?processor. It is a derivative of the Snapdragon 865 chip, which is usually only found in much pricier devices. This update gives the new Oculus a strong performance boost. The additional 2 GB of RAM (6 GB total) on top of the increased processing power makes the Oculus Quest 2 an incredibly capable machine. The device also has very decent speakers fitted into the head strap, so you won’t have to worry about using additional headphones. Essentially, it is a one-stop-shop, all you need for playing is the standalone device. The internal battery allows around 3 hours of non-stop action before you need to recharge. The Oculus Quest 2 has 64 GB of storage by default, but you can opt for an upgraded version with 235 GB of storage. The latter version will give you the option to enjoy a gaming versatility in a?good online casino?– titles galore!

  The Oculus touch devices that act as controllers have stayed more or less the same. You still have the triggers that are located under the middle and index finger. On top of the handle, the circular-shaped control surface is a little larger on the Oculus Quest 2 controllers. Overall the new ones are a bit thicker – they fit comfortably in the palm, and they feel somewhat more securely positioned. Also, the battery door does not accidentally slide open as easily as before. While not major, the slight modifications are welcome and improve the overall feel and handling of the new controllers. What’s more, the Oculus Quest 2 comes with a free-hand function. Essentially you can use your bare hands to control in-game functions as the cameras on the VR headset support hand tracking. The feature is not yet completely integrated with all apps, but the functionality is certainly impressive.


  Facebook is very upfront and clear about the Oculus?data policy. You will need to log into your Facebook account to use the device, and your data will get collected. The collected information includes things like the size of your body, the playing area when using the Oculus Guardian system, the content you create with the device, and your IP. However, in case that bothers you, there is also an alternative business version of the Oculus 2. It does not prompt users to log in before starting to play, but it also comes with a significant price increase of $500. It is good to have both options; consumers will have the ability to make up their minds as to which version is more appealing.

  The Oculus Quest 2 has a superb expandability feature when it comes to graphics and versatility. By using an optional Oculus Link headset cable, you can connect your VR device to your computer. The device can draw upon the graphics power of your PC. This opens a whole new world of options for enjoying VR. When connected, you will be able to access hundreds of VR experiences that can be found on Steam VR stores, as well as exclusive Oculus PC shops. The USB-C connection cable costs $79, and it is well worth the price for the expansive gaming options it opens up.

  The original Oculus Quest was the best-selling VR device for a reason. The second generation of the device adds a heap of upgrades to what was already impressive. Now, for $299, the Oculus Quest 2 is a steal. One simply can’t go wrong in buying the headset – so much computing power in such a lightweight device makes the immersion of virtual reality spectacular. Those who have tried VR will know that it is where the future of gaming is headed. For those who haven’t yet, the Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect way of entry. The fun factor is second to none, but it has to be experienced to be understood. What do you think of VR? Have you tried the Oculus Quest 2, or the original Oculus Rift yourself? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

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